Different Types of Book Scanners


A book scanner is a machine that uses an image scanner technology to transform physical handwritten or printed books and magazines to the digitalized form of media in the guise of electronic books that are also generally known as e-books, electronic text, and images. The files produced by the book scanners are small in size; the file formats can be PDF as well as TIFF and others too. And the most amazing thing is that these files created by the book scanners can be altered, reformatted, and could also be recognized and processed by various applications.

If you are looking for information regarding book scanners, this article will give you all the information that you need and will immensely help you increase your knowledge on this particular topic. So let’s get to it right away!

Working of Book Scanners

Book scanners can be automatic like L140 scanner as well as manual. The book is kept under the glass, and pictures are taken. As for the pages, they can be turned by hand, or an automated system could also be used. And to keep the page flat for getting a good, clear picture, a plastic or glass sheet is hard-pressed.

Different Types of Book Scanners- Flatbed, Overhead, and Handheld

There are 3 types of book scanners, and all three have different specifications and different features. If you are planning to buy a book scanner, look closely at the features to bring home the right one according to your needs.


This type of book scanner is considered the most common type as this is very convenient and has quite a few advantages. One of the major plus points of this scanner is that it eliminates shadows and distortion at the binding site. It is portable too, but a disadvantage is that because it’s lateral, it occupies more space. These types of machines come in different models, which come with advanced software.


This book scanner has a completely modern and classic design resembling a desk lamp that comes with a sizeable mat at its bottom. Compared to all other available options, this lamp is the most comfortable, flexible, and practical. This adaptable machine can not only scan different magazine and book sizes, but it can amazingly also scan 3D objects. The down point of this device is that you have to hold the edges of the book to let it scan properly. These devices, as they use a no-touch technology, valuable and delicate stuff is pretty compatible with it.


One of the main reasons why this scanner stands out of all the other options is that this is a small, weightless, and portable device that uses an SD card. This is also extremely comfortable to use as you just have to roll it over the particular text, and it will be saved into the memory card. The price of this scanner may be below, but the quality is compromised.

The Take Away

There is no proper answer as to what the best book scanner is because this all depends on your needs and the requirements of your task. If you prefer quality, then buy a flatbed or an overheard, but if mobility is the most important factor for you, then a handheld book scanner will be your perfect companion.


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