Best Honor Smartphones For Phone Photography


Phone photography is a creative way to capture interesting things in your environment with just your phone. If you’re into photography but don’t have the right camera, you can always use your phone without having to worry about owning or purchasing a digital camera. However, you cannot use just any phone for phone photography as you will want your pictures to have 100% quality.

Fortunately for you, this article contains the best four Honor smartphones for phone photography that will produce quality images. Such phones are designed to rival professional cameras while still providing you with other to-die-for features. Before getting any smartphone for phone photography, you should take note of these two factors:

  • Bigger screen sizes are suitable for editing and viewing photos and videos, but it can be quite tasking to handle such size with one hand when taking photos.
  • The phone’s storage space determines the number of photos the phone can handle. If you plan to take lots of photos consistently, you should go for smartphones with large storage spaces. However, they could be more expensive.

Now that that’s settled, let’s look at some Honor smartphones you can use to take high-quality pictures.

Top Honor Smartphones For Phone Photography

Honor 20 Pro

You should get Honor 20 Pro if you want a high-powered smartphone with Google Mobile Services. On this phone, you’ll find a Kirin 980 processor, a 4,000mAh battery, lots of RAM, a 256GB storage space, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Honor 20 Pro is an affordable Android smartphone that is great for phone photography. The device provides impressive image quality with an excellent display even in low light conditions. It has four remarkable rear cameras, including a 6MP ultra-wide, 28MP main camera, 2MP macro lens, and an 8 MP telephoto lens. These features will enable you to take all kinds of photos and enjoy your phone photography journey.

Honor 9x

The Honor 9X has three cameras on its back. There’s a 48MP PDAF f/1.8 primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide f/2.4 sensor, and a 2MP depth sensor with f/2.4 fixed-focus. The camera also has a single LED flash.

A Sony IMX582 48MP sensor with pixel binning is used for the main camera. The image produced has a resolution of 12MP but you can also shoot in 48MP. However, this has to be done with good lighting, so that you can get a seemingly natural 48MP picture.

A toggle on the viewfinder lets you quickly turn on or off its AI function. In the real world, the effects will generally be a boosted contrast and enhanced colors. However, the program recognizes 22 categories of scenes and adjusts the image parameters accordingly.

Honor 9x camera also features Night mode, which guarantees that you still get good pictures, even in the dark. This mode will also retain color unlike other products that lose saturation.

Honor 20 Lite

Honor 20 Lite features three cameras, although one is specifically for depth scanning. In reality, there are only two usable cameras: an ultra-wide camera with an 8MP sensor and the main camera with a 24-megapixel sensor.

It’s still impressive for a device of this price – especially when you factor in the selfie camera with 32MP Furthermore, it has a night mode, which makes it possible to shoot in extremely low light and still get usable shots.

Honor 8c

We can’t talk about phones for photography without talking about the popular Honor 8c. With a 13MP primary rear camera and an 8MP front camera, you can capture just about anything you want to. Photos taken with this phone depict natural colors and perfect detail.

What even makes this phone more special is how it recognizes particular scenes or objects being shot, and optimize photo settings accordingly. If you’re interested in phone photography, then this smartphone is one you should target, and you can check out the honor 8c phone price here.


All the above-listed smartphones are great for both photography and videography. It’s even more awesome that you still get to take quality pictures even with budget-friendly phones.


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