What You Never Knew About The Honor Magicbook 14


Looking for a laptop windows 10 operating system for your laptop can be a daunting task that will take you days. There are lots of fake operating systems globally. When you make the mistake of installing these fake operating systems, your laptop is on the verge of becoming useless. That is because these adulterated operating systems have an expiry date. A good way to escape this trap is to buy a laptop that already has Windows installed in it. Windows is the most commonly used operating system in most laptops worldwide. As such, all laptop brands tend to have Windows installed on their laptops. As a result, having Windows installed on a laptop should not be the main reason to buy your laptop. It should not even be one of the top specification priorities because Windows comes with every other laptop.

If you focus solely on the Windows operating system of a laptop, you will have numerous options. This will leave you confused, and you may end up making the wrong laptop choice for yourself. According to a survey, the top three laptops include HP, Dell, and Apple products. The only Chinese brand that became popular according to the survey is Lenovo. One laptop brand that many people never get to know about is the Honor laptop brand. A particular model that has amazing features is the Honor Magicbook 14 2021 model. The laptop comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, so you can rest assured of your laptop’s speed. Likewise, the laptop comes in an amazing size and capabilities that enable it to be used anywhere. However, the Honor brand may not have the media noise like other laptop brands. But it does have better features and specifications than these laptop brands. Here are some of the specifications unknown to many about the Honor Magicbook Laptop 14 2021 model;

Latest processor technology

While there is a lot of buzz about the need to own a Core i7 laptop everywhere, Honor Magicbook has had the latest technology without making a fuss. It has the Intel Core i7 design, and this processor works to ensure uninterrupted usage of the system. Also, the processor makes sure the laptop performs excellently in terms of speed, graphics, and efficiency. This processor increases the CPU scores to 38.8%.

The amazing and light body design

You want a laptop because you may need to work anytime and anywhere. For your laptop to be very convenient, you must ensure it is light enough to carry around. The Honor Magicbook 14 2021 model laptop has a weight of only 1.38kg. That means you can easily carry your laptop with a finger (it does not mean you should try it). Also, when you bring out your laptop to work on it, you need a presentable device. The design of the Honor Magicbook Laptop is made with the finest aluminum materials, and it is extra slim. These two features combine to give your laptop all the aesthetics that you ever asked for.

100% sRGB display

Everyone loves a laptop that shows what they are doing or seeing very clearly all the time. You do not want your laptop to be clear only inside the home, but also outside. The Honor Magicbook 14 2021 model has a 100% sRGB display, ensuring you see what you are watching clearly. The display of the laptop goes on to protect the eyes through the special eye comfort mode that reduces the blue light rays.

Amazing fan for cooling laptop while working

For you to need a core i7 Intel laptop it means you want to use the laptop for many reasons. When you work on the laptop, it will emit heat, which you need to take care of. The Honor Magicbook 14 2021 model has a new design for the fan blades that gives room for more blades and reduces the sound.


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