How Big Is A 4×6 Photo Paper? How It Is Used In Shooting Cropping And Printing?


Different sizes are used for printing the pictures which might be confusing for beginners. The 4×6 photo paper is most commonly used in industry. In the beginning, it’s quite difficult to use this but if you come across it regularly you’ll come to know that it is quite easier.

4×6 photo paper gives the best result. The quality of the print also depends upon the selection of paper. It is more durable and better for your pictures. This 4×6 photo paper uses layering technology to make the pictures flawless. Pictures are printed with laminating process and have a long-lasting quality.

The Origin of The 4×6 Print Size

The origin of 4×6 photo paper is back in around the 20th century, when the 1st 35mm camera breaks out into the field of photography and 35mm film. Which is introduced by Kodak in 1934 and then became an industry-level photo paper. In the early years, a 3.5×5 inch print size was normally used.

Then in the earlier 1990s, the 4×6 inch photo paper came into use. Now this print size is most commonly used worldwide. Now 4×6 is considered a standard size for printing anything. One benefit of using this is that it is cost-effective.

Advice for Printing, Cropping, and Shooting in 4×6

If you don’t use the other ratio you can still get high-quality images by printing in 4×6.

Below are the following tips you can use for this purpose:

Get the Photo at the Right Angle

Firstly try to get the photo at the right angle so you can resize or edit it easily. Try not to capture the blur one. Your photo should look clear on a computer screen. Before printing check out that everything is looking fine.

  1. Keep the Focal Point of the Photo Where it Matters Most

Cropping an image is unavoidable using a few cameras. You should keep the important part of your pictures in the central area for getting a better printout. So that during editing or cropping the image the central part remains secure.

Use Software for Cropping

Every mobile phone already has some cropping tool for editing pictures. Besides this, some software is also used like Photoshop adobe light room, etc. for preparing your picture for 4×6 print you should need to crop this. Crop a photo by yourself so that you are sure about all the composition of an image.

4. Check the Paper Quality

For this, you need to check the resolutions and pixels. Besides all of this printing also depend on the quality of paper. If a better quality paper is used for printing purposes then a higher resolution image is obtained. Which will be so attractive. But if lower quality paper use it will give bad results.

Which Resolution Is Best For Printing 4×6 Photos?

For getting the best result for the resolution of your image is the most important factor. Generally, 1200×1800 is the minimum resolution for printing 4×6 prints. But the resolution of 1024×768 provides a high-quality image with good results. Besides this 480×640 gives a very low-resolution image.

How Big Is The Length Of 4×6 Photo?

The length of a 4×6 photo slightly varies in some cases. In cm, the rough size of a 4×6 photo is about 10x15cm. Or if we measure the dimensions in millimeters then 4×6 photos are 101x152mm.


4×6 photo paper is widely used for getting good-quality pictures. The quality depends upon the selection of paper. The 4×6 photo paper uses layering technology for printing better-quality images. The cost of this photo paper is so effective. The demand for this 4×6 photo paper is so high.


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