How to Tell the Right Arrangement for A Diode


Having a high voltage diode in a circuit is necessary for rectifying the current. Its purpose is to allow current in a single direction and block the other. The diode will only perform this function if you arrange it well. With this article, we plan to show you how to get the right arrangement for your diode.

Understand the working process of a diode

The first step to understanding how to arrange your diode in a circuit is to understand the working process. With an understanding of the diode working process, you can tell the best way to arrange it. A diode is a device that has a combination of two semiconductors. One of the semiconductors has a P shape, while the other comes with the N shape. The part with the N side is the cathode of the diode having the negative side, while the P side is the anode having the positive side, also known as the anode.

For a diode to work and conduct current in an electric circuit, there is a need for the positive side of the voltage to connect to the positive side of the diode. If the connection is not right, there may be a problem with the connection. With the understanding of the diode working process, you can easily tell through the symbol. This leads us to the next point.

Understand the symbol used on the diode

The symbol of a diode is not regular, and you may not understand without prior knowledge of how the device works. The diode symbol is —▷|—, and this symbol has already explained how to connect the diode correctly. But without understanding, you will not know how to install it.

The symbol is a mix of an arrow, a bar, and a negative sign. The arrow on the left is an indication of the anode (positive side of the diode). The bar and negative symbol indicate the cathode of the diode. The current flow should come from the positive side to the negative side, which is the indication of the symbol. Hence all you need to do is connect the diode according to the symbol. That is why it is necessary to study the diode for the symbol before a purchase

Check for any band

Sometimes, there may not be enough time to create a symbol after making a diode. It is essential to check for that band if you do not see the symbol on the diode. Usually, the band is an indication of the negative side of the diode. If you do not see any of these signs, it is an indication that the diode is inauthentic. But you may use a multimeter to test it first.


Another common name given to a diode is a rectifier. That is because of its function in an electric circuit. Testing a diode can be a bit technical and hard if you do not understand how it works. The information in this guide, however, has explained how you can get the right arrangement for the Diode. Arranging the Diode in the wrong way can cause your circuit to burn and damage other items. Hence, it is necessary to follow the information in this guide.


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